The Curve Water Slide

Enjoy summer with a TWIST !
The Curve water slide features not one, but TWO 90* turns and a splash pool at the bottom.
There are also 2 dips in the slide along the way.
This Slide is sure to make a splash at your party.

Dunk Tank Info.

Whether it's a backyard party or a corporate event, you will always find people watching as their favorite person gets soaked!
Our dunk tank has a clear viewing window in the front for everyone to watch the plunge!
See the "victim" perched on a seat above over 350 gallons of water flinching at every near miss! The sound of the ball hitting the target is unmistakable, and so is the instant splash when your friend, co-worker, or even the boss hits the water.
Dunk Tank Info

Blue Wave Water Slide

The Blue Wave Water Slide is just the right size for any age including the youngest fun seekers. With a continuous spray of water from the top of the slide, kids love the fun from beginning to end. The slope on this slide is less intense and less intimidating than the taller slides, yet big enough to bring on the giggles and a splash at the bottom.

Blue Wave Info

Slip-n-Slide Into Summer !

This SLIP N SLIDE has a soft pillow landing. Check out this short video to see the fun that others experience throughout the summer.

Slip n Slide Info.

Extreme 50' Obstacle Course

This EXTREME OBSTACLE COURSE stretches 50' with jumping, climbing, pop-ups, crawl throughs, rock climb wall and extra TALL slide.
1. Start by diving through the round cut-outs.
2. Then push your way through the inflated verticle pop ups.
3. Next, work your way through the log jam.
4. The fourth obstacle is the tunnel crawl
5. Be the first to climb the rock wall , so that you get a head start to the finish.
6. The 18' slide is the peak of the race, but don't waste time enjoying the view up there or your opponent will speed past you and win the race.

Extreme Obstacle Course Info.

Mr. Snowman ...the snow maker

This snowman makes any winter party awesome!
Our snowman blows snow 15' into the air creating the perfect ambiance for Christmas events.
This is a great feature to add to
*church Christmas programs,
*school plays,
*Employee Christmas parties,
*birthday parties and more.
Click the reservation button to schedule yours today :)

Mr. Snowman Info