Wet Bounce House Floors are Hazardous

Inflatable Bounce Houses are made of vinyl which becomes extremely slippery when wet, creating a slip/fall risk.
It is UNSAFE to jump or play on a wet bounce house floor as slips and falls will occur and may result in injury.
Slides are more appropriate for water play, as they have handles to hold to help prevent slipping.
If you are interested in Water Units, 123 Bounce Party has Water Slides, dunk tanks and slip-n-slides available

Industry Regulation Netting

1' to 2' netting  is dangerous for little fingers to tangle in or climb.  
It is unsafe to choose an older bounce house with wide netting. Regulations now require 1/8" mesh netting on ALL inflatables.
123 Bounce Party equipment features the "NO CLIMB NETTING" that is safe for the smallest hands, yet the netting is transparent enough to see through.

Industry Required Safety Landing Steps

Some companies offer old bounce houses that were made before entry ramps were required for safety.
123 Bounce Party equipment features entry/exit steps on each of our bounce houses to make climbing in and out easier and safer.

Industry Required Safety Entry Ways

Some companies rent older bounce houses with wide open doorways that children could easily tumble out of.
123 Bounce Party equipment has the latest safety features such as small entry openings with closing flaps to help prevent children from accidentally falling out while playing. Velcro or zipper closures are also added.

Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

Some companies do not take time to inflate and clean their inflatables between rentals.
123 Bounce Party equipment is inspected between every rental and is vacuumed and disinfected routinely. 

Proper Anchoring

Some companies skip the anchoring process entirely or use inadequate anchors.
123 Bounce Party equipment is anchored by 18" stakes and sandbags.


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